Focus Global group started in the year 2016 with a single aim.
The advertisers who advertise in our medium should have the highest reach than any other existing medium at a fairly competitive price.

After successfully running the media, We decided to have a foothold in other areas like EV Fast Charging Station and be the first movers in Market.

The company’s primary target location will be with in Karnataka. In the initial phase the company would set up 10 to 20 and scale it to 1000 in Pan India.

Challenges Associated with fast charging stations

Fast charging stations should be available Nation Wide. That alone is already a major challenge. However, before fast charging stations can be integrated comprehensively into the infrastructure, several technical obstacles have to be overcome. This applies especially to the high power output.

The Combined Charging Standard (CCS) allows output voltages above 500 V. As a rule, these are voltages that only trained experts are allowed to handle. It is therefore necessary to have uniform plug connections that withstand the high stresses and safety protocols that allow handling by non- professionals.

Quick Charging of Electric Cars

Challenges Associated with Fast Charging Stations

  • A common criticism of electric cars is that EVs take too long to charge. That attitude is based on the common experience of drivers of FUEL-powered cars who, in the course of a 10-minute pit stop at a Filling station, pump in a few hundred miles’ worth of fuel. Meanwhile, electric car charging times are usually measured in hours rather than minutes.

SOLUTION for long Drive Vehicle's road trips

  • Nonetheless, the rapidly expanding network of public quick chargers, which can add between 50 or 90 miles of range in around 20 minutes, makes electric cars even more convenient and functional. In other words, most EV drivers will rarely need public quick charging, but it’s good to know that it’s available when needed—especially for long road trips that extend beyond the range of today’s


Ultra Power Charging

Fast Charger ( Turbo Charging )

• Rapid chargers are the fastest way to charge your electric vehicle, providing between60-200 miles of range in20-30 mins.

• Almost all full battery electric cars can rapid charge, most plug-in hybrid electric cars can not.


Here Are Handiest Mobile Apps For Ev Owners, Available For Both Apple And Android Phones.

Hub is a tool that can help find and plot a course to the closest public charging stations regardless of the network. It also offers access to helpful EV resources and allows users to share their charging experiences at given locations with other EV owners.

Planning the route: users simply enter their destination into the mobile app’s trip planner and convenience charging takes care of the rest. The smartphone app checks the route and battery status. If necessary, it suggests charging stops along the way


AdaptabilitySingle Phase Home Supply
RedundancyModular design provides the redundancy
Communication with Cloud ServerYes
Mobile AppYes
Ground Fault Detection & ProtectionYes
Billing & payment through Mobile AppYes
Visual indication for fault conditionYes
Vehicle plugged in/out detectionYes
Charging process start-stop switchYes
Low voltage cut-offYes (Cut-off voltage can be adjusted)

It provides real-time availability of nearby chargers, with turn-by-turn directions to a selected unit. Users can initiate a charge with a simple swipe of the phone, manage their accounts, and even contact customer service directly from the app.



Section 1 B2G

Business 2 Government

Section 2 B2B2C

Business 2 Private Players to setup EV Station for Vehicle

Section 3 B2C

Business 2 Customers through Mobile App


sell advertising space on the Media Charger’s built in Digital LED screen.

India to become the next big EV Market

According to 6W research, India Electric Vehicle Charging Station market size is projected to grow at a CAGR of 41.2% during 2019-25F. Commercial owned charging stations have accounted for majority of the India electric vehicle charging station market share. Growing awareness along with fast charging options are likely to proliferate commercial charging stations over the coming years. Also, DC fast charging griped larger revenue share in the market in 2018, further DC fast charging is expected to witness substantial growth due to larger need for fast charging options in commercial and passenger vehicle segment over the coming years.


The centre has allowed that setting up public charging stations shall be de-licensed and any individual is free to set up public charging stations.

Section 1 Government
    The government of India, in a bid to promote the adoption of an electric vehicle, is also rolling out various initiatives to enable accessible and affordable charging stations.

Section 2 Private Players
       Brands such as Panasonic have already come forward with their franchising model of EV charging stations and various other brands are also expected to enter into the industry soon enough.

Point 1 R & D

Working On R & D for Fast Charging Units With Various Companies.

Point 2 Start Demo

Developing Mobile App and Installing 5 to 10 Demo Charging Unit.

Point 3VC Funding

Get VC Funding and Expend Business PAN-India.

Point 4 1000 units Min

Install Minimum 1000 Units PAN-India.


BE the First Player in Market for Setting –up Public App Based EV Charging Stations in India