• Focus Global  group started in the year 2009 with a single aim. The advertisers who advertise in our medium should have the highest reach than any other existing medium at a fairly competitive price.
  • Focus Global was the brainchild of Mr. Chandrashekar who being an enterprising person, ventured into Transit Media advertising in the year 2009. He installed LCDs and LED screens inside the train compartments of the South Western Railways to innovatively deliver media messages to the travelling audience with audio and visual benefits. After successfully running the media, he decided to have a foothold in other areas of advertising as well, like outdoor branding, Focus Global a media seekers’ paradise and the one destination for all advertising needs.


  • As a newer and innovative technology being regularly introduced, promotion and branding techniques adopted by businesses are changing at a rapid rate. The newest form of advertising is ‘Outdoor LED Displays’. These are the display screens which are dynamic in nature and are generally used in the place of traditional billboards. The display screen is generally preferred due to the fact that it is a onetime investment after which the users will be competent to customize it every time they come up with something new to the showcase. 
  • This option of advertising is a popular and viable option at present when the business owners are seeking methods to make heads turn and catch eyeballs of passersby. 
  • While it may appear to be the best available option, it is essential to check some factors prior investing in an LED display, so that the money invested might be a long-term investment rather than a mistake.
  • Nowadays, Outdoor LED Screens are popping up nearly in every vertical – be it hotels, restaurants, transportation facilities, retail locations, entertainment venues and more. There are some reasons behind their popularity:

LED Display Advantage

  • Outdoor LED Screens are the new cool thing available in the market and this has been forming quite a buzz recently. These are useful and influential and reach out a larger crowd of the audience giving a much bigger impact. It has its own charm that possesses the magnitude of reaching a big mass of audience and they do that very efficiently.

OOH Market in India

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  • The current state of the Indian out-of-home industry could be a turning point. 10% of OOH inventory is digital that means 90% of OOH industry has the scope to turn into DOOH. Currently various sectors are embracing digital out of home slowly & steadily. Since the policies are changing, a big shift from static OOH to Digital OOH is expected. According to 6w research, the digital signage market itself expects to grow at 40% CAGR till 2022. India is one of the markets where the spending capacity of brands is huge as compared to other the matured markets, hence we expect that Digital Outdoor will take the Indian OOH industry by storm.

Cloud Technology

ScreenHub is an all inclusive software as a service (SaaS) content and design management system for your digital signs. Our web-based solution allows you to easily create, control, and modify messages on your sign from any internet enabled device.