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A media seekers paradise and the one destination for all Advertising needs.

FOCUS GLOBAL provides key Consumer Insights and actively contributes in Designing the Communication Strategy for Clients in Outdoor Media.

Whether you want to reach a Mass audience or Direct locals to your Front Door.
FOCUS GLOBAL can handle all items you may need to better market & promote your business. From posters to stickers, banners, business cards, flyers or stickers.

Whether you own a Business, Have a Brand, or a Special event Coming up.
FOCUS GLOBAL provides a brand-safe, premium marketplace for digital media advertising, driven by data-based targeting and campaign optimization.

We deliver results-driven Digital Media Campaigns for most Recognised Brands.

Focus Global was the brainchild of Mr. Chandrashekar who being an enterprising person, ventured into Transit Media advertising in the year 2009.

He installed LCDs and LED screens inside the train compartments of the South Western Railways to innovatively deliver media messages to the travelling audience with audio and visual benefits.

After successfully running the media, he decided to have a foothold in other areas of advertising as well, like outdoor branding, TVC commercials and indoor - outdoor promotional activity, making
Focus Global a media seekers paradise and the one destination for all advertising needs.


Focus Global Group started in the year 2009 with a single aim, the advertisers who advertise in our medium should have the highest reach than any other existing medium at a fairly competitive price.

We provide the advertisers a closed set of audience group, who has no options other than exposing to the advertisement, which are displayed through our Audio-Visual display systems.

The company’s primary target location will be with in Karnataka.
In the initial phase the company would set up 400 LCD/LED Audio-Visual displays which at any given point of time will reach 10,000 audience viewing our content and we could reach 20,000 audience.