1. Technology Patent, giving a diversified high reach medium  1st  Mover in the Industry. 
  2. 22” Screen LED Displays – Ultra Slim (Custom made and rugged for our door use)
  3. High resolution and high clarity LED TV with adjustable stereo systems. 
  4. Technology capable of proving text Messages
  5. Fully Automated and Centrally Controlled
  6. Operational Hours varies from 14 hrs – 7 Hrs, 140 Minutes – 280 Minutes of advertising per day. 

Research and Surveys:Content:  Trailers, Infotainment, 3D Animation, Wildlife, fun sports, Clips, Musics 

Providing the latest programs on fashion, shopping, fine dinning, sports, lifestyle and travel from world-class content providers 


Suggestion :

Account: With login/ Password for E transactions. 


Benefits: Value AD feature for the travelers. 

Monotonous Experience 

Pleasurable and entertaining Experience

Advertisements about new railway events & news

Information about maintaining the cleanliness In Tain and Platforms

Passenger Awareness Programs 

Intimating Passengers on the next station arrival through GPS tracking system

Absolutely – Zero Cost, LED TV Installation, repair &maintenance and insurance by FG

Automated Start Stop and absolutely Hassle Free 

Information on News and knowledge to the passengers

Additional Source of revenue to Railways

Improvements in the Aesthetics and feel of the Train


Reach in totally captive environment 

Difficult to Avoid

FG owns the channel and there is no remote to change the channel

Here the audience are forced to view the content so we highly selective about the content we display


Highest ever frequency recorded in the India Media History 140 – 280 Min of advertising space. 

Highest ever recall value for any AD.

Most Effective Medium for advertising. 

Travelers and the working people are the hard to reach consumers. 

Cost Effective and higher value for Money.

You can communicate your message to your consumers, recall influences the buyers in their decision making process.