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Focus Global group started in the year 2009 with a single aim.
The advertisers who advertise in our medium should have the highest reach than any other existing medium at a fairly competitive price.

Company Profile & Work Culture:

Focus Global (Transit Media & Advertising Agency). Focus Global was the brainchild of Mr. Chandrashekar who being an enterprising person, ventured into Transit Media advertising in the year 2009.

He installed LCDs and LED screens inside the train compartments of the South Western Railways to innovatively deliver media messages to the travelling audience with audio and visual benefits. After successfully running the media, he decided to have a foothold in other areas of advertising as well, like outdoor branding, TVC commercials and indoor - outdoor promotional activity, making Focus Global a media seekers’ paradise and the one destination for all advertising needs.

Today Focus Global is an advertising agency which provides a 360° solution to advertisers all across the country. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, and from Bombay to Kolkata, our services are always at our client’s disposal.



How many seconds do an individual spend in looking at the Ads which are placed in malls, Cafe Shops, restaurants, health clubs, book store, multiplexes.

We give you 7200 Secs of advertising time every day and the rest will be used for delivering our entertainment content such as Programs on Infotainment, Wildlife, fun sports, Clips, Music etc.

The travelers are the decision makers and influencers, we give variety & entertainment to our content hungry target audience and we give our space for advertisers to advertise in our medium to have the best possible reach.

The company has added feather in its crown by creating this concept and have given new dimensions to the advertisers.

We are the first movers and aim to achieve 1,00,000 viewers at any given point of time by the End of the year 2010 and by typically having 4000 such Audio-Visual display units.


Each train would carry approximately – 100 Audio – Visual LCD/LED displays these are networked and manned to a central network through which the content is controlled.

Each coach will carry 4 Display units and 8 speakers. The Display system is ceiling mounted and the speakers are strategically placed in each coach.

Each display system will serve 25-30 audience at any given point of time. Thus in our initial phase we would have 400 such display systems installed catering to almost 6,00,000 viewers at given point of time


In our corporate communication strategy the client’s corporate identity is given a personality and made highly visible and maintained persistently.

Our goal is to:

1. Help clients to minimize capital expenditure.

2. Maximize its brand visibility and attract meaningful interest from its target audience.

3. Stimulate more demand for the client.

4. Provide a persistant brand identity that viewer can identify with.


Though advertising on new media requiring focussed brand building activity is the order of the day, routine advertising is still the need of the hour.
In this department we take care of the organization’s regular media communication needs and offer prompt, efficient services that includes:

1. Corporate announcements.

2. Tender solicitations and statutory ads.

3. Recruitment ads.

4. Government advertisements for public awareness.

5. Financial advertisements for announcing mutual funds, IPOs, financial results and so on.


This is one of our speciality areas. Here we provide our clients a range of creative advertising solutions that is not only of immense value to the advertisers but also a source of infotainment for the passengers as well. We are the sole advertising company with an onboard railway channel and inside advertising in all BMTC Intra city AC buses in Bangalore. In this department our services include:

1. Video commercials.
2. Scroll ads.
3. Logo display.
4. Exclusive sponsors ads.
5. Descriptive corporate documentaries.
6. All this displayed on rich LCD panels On-board trains & buses and at railway and bus stations.

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